The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2

Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 is a free game developed by SSF2 Developer Group led by Cleod9 of Cleod9 Productions and Published by McLeodGaming. It is a reboot of the fan game, Super Smash Flash. It combines favorite characters from the world of video games and comic books with a perfect animation. It is loosely based on the Super Smash Flash Bros series and game by featuring its many characters. The game includes a lot of content that has appeared in any series seen on a Nintendo console. This allows the roster to access third and fourth party characters like Lloyd, Ichigo, Mega Man and Goku.


The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 is an excellent retro game since you fight with familiar characters from various series. Each fighter has his own unique abilities to win the clash. All you have to do is select your own character and start the dynamic battle. The game has at least thirty three characters including Cloud, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Mario, Bowser and F-Zero among others. The ultimate goal of this game is to knock out your opponents. The game is designed in a way that when a character is attacked the damage accumulates and the percentage knockout value increases. The fighting takes place on colorful arenas with excellent soundtracks. The game includes improved camera systems that follow each player on action. The game has also included new modifiers like Mini, Turbo and Slow which are applied on specific matches. While playing, try to kill as many enemies as possible to achieve new levels. You can move through levels by right clicking anywhere on the screen followed by settings tab then right click and play.

Gaming Modes

The game has four modes; Adventure, Classic, All-Star modes and Training mode. Jumping through levels in adventure mode is only possible after level four. The training mode allows you to collect bonuses. The game supports both single and multiplayer therefore you can play singular, with or against your friends on one computer. The multiplayer mode has been rebooted to allow four player entries. You can also engage in online battles via an app called McLeodGaming Network.


The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 has excellent pre-set controls. The A, D, S and W keys are used for player 1 movement while the arrow keys move the second player. The O key is used to make special moves like jumping or activating final smash sets. P is used for standard attacks like shock and fire. I key is used for shield while 1 is used for taunting the opponent. However, you can customize your own controls from the menu box.

The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 allows you to explore the potential of many heroes from a variety of games. You can enjoy the game with your friends and also online with worldwide players. This colorful and technically booted game provides a new gaming experience while guaranteeing hours of fun. Don’t lose the chance to be first at playing ssf2 unblocked.


Impossible Quiz 3 – Not ordinary quiz

Impossible quiz 3 is a well-known flash game developed by Notdoppler. The game became very famous soon after the release because it changed the entire gaming experience of quiz games. From normal question and answer type quizzes to interactive, fun and hilarious, the game has become a favorite among many gamers. The game is guaranteed to make you smarter than before you started playing the game. The reason why this game will get you hooked is because of the way it is designed. A class apart from normal quiz games, this game has got personality and that’s what makes it go a long way.

impossible quiz book

Objective of the game:

The objective of the game is simple. You have got five lives and you use it to answer all the questions. Each wrong answer will knock off one life. When you lose all five lives it’s game over and you have to start all over again. So a lot of patience is required to complete the game but don’t worry, the questions are same each time. Unless you don’t make the same mistake, you can easily breeze past the previous questions.


The designers are the main reason for the popularity of the game. The game has used the right colours to make it feel bright and attractive. The eye-catching animations along with the emotion evoking sound effects make it one hell of an amazing game.


The rules of the game are easy. You have to complete the quiz by answering all the questions which require luck, quick reflexes, mouse skills and insane logic. There are some questions with bombs in it which means that they are timed and must be answered before the timer goes off. You can collect skips to skip a question in case you find it too hard. There are also fuse stoppers which when activated will give you more time during bomb questions.


Mouse skills is all that is required to play this game. You have to click the begin button to start the quiz and thereby use the mouse to point and click or drag to answer the questions accordingly. Overall the controls of Impossible quiz 3 are simple and minimalistic.



FIND FUN IN PLAYING THE APPLE SHOOTER GAMEThe apple shooter game series is one of the most interesting games that people play. It is simple and fast to learn because it brings out all the fun in a game. The game was inspired by a person called Wilhelm Tell who used bows to propel some arrows. It has a number of series. This means that the games are played consecutively after scoring the preceding one. It is funny, addictive and a type of an archery game. This entails shooting some arrows at a point or a target from a set distance with a lot of accuracy.

Instructions of the Game
It requires one to take a bow and try to hit the apple. This apple is is normally placed on the head of your friend or assistant. You should not hit the buddy of your friend. If this happens, the game will end immediately. It requires one to think twice before trying to make the short. You should take care not to hurt the buddy. When you are able to hit the apple, you earn bonus points. at that time, you as the player moves to the next round. This implies that the distance between you and the target becomes bigger. Remember that when you hit your assistant, you just fail.

Rule of the Game
There is only one major rule here and that is ” Don’t shoot your friend’s or assistant’s buddy

What you Require
The actions of this game are all made using a mouse. You need to set the angle first and then hold the mouse right click for you to create the strength.

Why play this Game
It is based on the simple physics. It challenges you to think about the strength of the shot and you must consider the right angle. Thus, it makes you feel well engaged.