The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2

Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 is a free game developed by SSF2 Developer Group led by Cleod9 of Cleod9 Productions and Published by McLeodGaming. It is a reboot of the fan game, Super Smash Flash. It combines favorite characters from the world of video games and comic books with a perfect animation. It is loosely based on the Super Smash Flash Bros series and game by featuring its many characters. The game includes a lot of content that has appeared in any series seen on a Nintendo console. This allows the roster to access third and fourth party characters like Lloyd, Ichigo, Mega Man and Goku.


The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 is an excellent retro game since you fight with familiar characters from various series. Each fighter has his own unique abilities to win the clash. All you have to do is select your own character and start the dynamic battle. The game has at least thirty three characters including Cloud, Kirby, Captain Falcon, Mario, Bowser and F-Zero among others. The ultimate goal of this game is to knock out your opponents. The game is designed in a way that when a character is attacked the damage accumulates and the percentage knockout value increases. The fighting takes place on colorful arenas with excellent soundtracks. The game includes improved camera systems that follow each player on action. The game has also included new modifiers like Mini, Turbo and Slow which are applied on specific matches. While playing, try to kill as many enemies as possible to achieve new levels. You can move through levels by right clicking anywhere on the screen followed by settings tab then right click and play.

Gaming Modes

The game has four modes; Adventure, Classic, All-Star modes and Training mode. Jumping through levels in adventure mode is only possible after level four. The training mode allows you to collect bonuses. The game supports both single and multiplayer therefore you can play singular, with or against your friends on one computer. The multiplayer mode has been rebooted to allow four player entries. You can also engage in online battles via an app called McLeodGaming Network.


The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 has excellent pre-set controls. The A, D, S and W keys are used for player 1 movement while the arrow keys move the second player. The O key is used to make special moves like jumping or activating final smash sets. P is used for standard attacks like shock and fire. I key is used for shield while 1 is used for taunting the opponent. However, you can customize your own controls from the menu box.

The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2The Unblocked Super Smash Flash 2 allows you to explore the potential of many heroes from a variety of games. You can enjoy the game with your friends and also online with worldwide players. This colorful and technically booted game provides a new gaming experience while guaranteeing hours of fun. Don’t lose the chance to be first at playing ssf2 unblocked.


How to Play Tank Trouble 3

Tank Trouble 3 is an online game that every gamer should probably be looking forward to playing. It is an entertaining game that both adults and children can enjoy. The game is an update of the tank trouble series. Obviously, there have been considerable improvements when compared to the earlier versions of the game.

How to Play Tank Trouble 3What is the game all about?

Tank trouble 3 game involves moving a tanker which contains some form of ammunition around mazes. The mazes are walls that will either prevent you from being shot by the enemy or will help you kill your enemy. For instance, if you want to kill your enemy you can use the walls of the maze. The ammunition then bounces back off the maze, and if your enemy is on the wrong end, he/she gets instantly destroyed.

During the game, you will notice small icons randomly appearing at different locations. These icons are power-ups. They provide the player with extra ammunition that will help destroy your opponent. Some of this amunition work best from a longer distance while some work best with short distance shooting.

Game modes

One can choose the single player mode or the multiplayer mode. If you are alone in the office, the single player mode will work best for you. In this case, you play against the computer, Laika. Honestly speaking, Laika can be a little bit tough to handle. You need learn to be quick in order to kill him.

The multiplayer game mode in Tank trouble 3 allows up to three players. You can either choose the two player or the three player game modes. Your friends become your enemy. In a match of three, referred to as the deathmatch, the winner is the last one alive.


Learning this game does not involve a lot. Player 1 simply uses the arrow keys on the keyboard to move your tanker around the maze. To shoot use the letter M.

For the multiplayer game modes, the second player uses w, a, s, and d keys to control direction and q to shoot around. If you choose to include the third actor, he can use the mouse to control his tank and left clicking to shoot.

Tips to help you through the game

Learn to be quick when dealing with your enemy. Being swift is the most important tool every gamer playng this game. One slow move and you are out.

Make good use of your ammunition.You do not want to end up lacking any weapon while in battle.

You may end up shooting yourself if you shoot recklessly. Ensure that you aim while shooting.